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About relié®

relié® is an enterprise grade, intelligent and unified collaboration platform to build a smart workspace.

The ultimate All-In-One virtual office platform


Organize your communication channels the way you want.


Single point access for all enterprise communications.


Collaborate with your team members and improve engagement levels.


Increase productivity and deliver your goals faster.


Is your organization global ?

We provide a secured, private platform for office virtualization. As the organizations tend to be more and more global, the need for a smart vitrulization platform has become a necessity.

Omnichannel Communication

Do we really need multiple channels for customer interactions and internal communications?

The answer is "NO". Our platform facilitates single point access for all communications. relié® is a well organized, secured collaboration platform for internal as well as customer communications.


relié® platform offers a wide range of features out of the box to give a seamless communication experience for smart office environments

Communication Channels

Create and organize your own messaging channes as per organization specific requirements

Conferencing On-demand

Individual teams can create own private video conferencing sessions on demand with screen sharing, recording and live streaming support

Internal Ticketing System

The Ticketing Management System, integrated to the platform, fullfils all communication needs of the support team and provides a smooth sailing through the queries and support tickets.

Remote Desktop Access

Remote desktop access feature allows the (internal support) team to securely access all your devices and operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD and even your Raspberry Pi

Role Based Access

Define your own custom access rules and apply them on each channel


Share links, videos / audios, documents, presentations or report files across team members.

Polls & Surveys

Engage your employees by conducting opinion polls or surveys across organization or within team.

Search Content

AI powered search engine enables search for specific messages, files or mentions in the channel content.

Desktop & Mobile support

Our platform has mobile as well as desktop apps to provide seamless access to the users.

User Management

Our platform supports integration with LDAP-AD or custom user creation and management

Why relié® ?


Our platform is built on top of most advanced communication and AI technology frameworks which is feature-rich and is highly stable.


The modular architecture of our platform enables us to offer high flexibility and extendability. We provide customized branded platform based on specific organizational needs.


Our platform is fully managed and maintained by our team to make sure of un-interrupted service to our customers. The customers do not need to worry about the platform availability and performance.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated customer support team is available to make sure of our customer issues are attended and resolved on time without affecting their day to day operations.

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